November l, l85l, on motion of Brother H. Steveson, it was agreed that "this Lodge pay Mr. Lewis Connor the amount due him on the lot on which this building stands, and obtain his deed for the same." Motion carried, and the treasurer was ordered to pay the same.

November 8, 1851, Brother D. Decarmo offered the bill:
To cost paid Lewis Connor, same as per order of the Lodge ........ ..$85.00
To cost paid Clerk of Courts for recording same ............................. ..$1.60
Total ................................................................................................ ..$86.60, which bill was received and paid.

The petition of George W. Brasher was received September 6, 1851. Was initiated October 4, 1851. Was passed Sunday, November 2, 1851, at 9:00 A. M. Was raised Saturday, November 8, 1851. "In a case of emergency, as he intended going down the river."

November 8, 1851, on motion of Brother D. Decarmo, the following was unanimously adopted: "Whereas this Lodge is informed that a petition is now before the General Assembly of this State to repeal the law incorporat-
ing the Florence Academy, in violation of the best interest of the people of Florence and vicinity, (in the opinion of this Lodge) and in violation of what this Lodge conceives to be to its best interest; therefore, they having bought and paid for the lot.
Resolved: That this Lodge ask the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives not to repeal said law.
Resolved further: That the Secretary be ordered to transmit a copy of the forgoing preamble and resolution to the Senator and Representative of this district and county, with a request to each that they use all fair means
to prevent the repeal of same.

September 4, 1852, Brother Adam Finch, as a delegate to the Grand Lodge, presented his account amounting to $33.00, (including our dues to the Grand Lodge, which were $18.00) on which he received $7.20 mileage, leaving a balance of $25.80 in his favor, which, on motion, was ordered to be paid.

April 2, 1853, a communication was received from the Board of Managers of the Washington National Monument Society soliciting the cooperation of this Lodge. A committee consisting of Brothers John H.
Steveson, Paul W. Spooner and Henry W. Riley were appointed.

May 7, 1853, this Lodge granted the Sons of Temperance the use of their Lodge room for their regular meetings on Thursday evenings, and special meetings, at the rate of fifty cents per week.

June 4, 1853, Brothers John T. Baker and Presley B. Mc hanama were passed to the Fellowcraft degree, and the same day, in a case of emergency, were raised to the degree of Master Mason.

August 6, 1853, it was unanimously resolved to recommend the application of seven worthy Master Masons to obtain a dispensation to open a new lodge at Burlington, in Boone county.

Minutes of 1853. The record of the result of a ballot on a candidate read either "Fair" or "Unfair."

January l, l854, Brother Hill was appointed a committee of one to buy a Bible, Altar, Square and Compass. (Probably the ones we have today).

July 8, 1855, this Lodge subscribed for a set of 30 volumes of Robert Morris' "Universal Masonic Library Report," bound in calf, at a cost of $50.00.

October 23, 1855, this Lodge was visited by the Grand Master, David T. Monsarrat. In 1855 the lodge reported to the Grand Lodge a membership of 30 members, our stated meeting was on the first Saturday of each month.

December 6, 1856, this Lodge was visited by the Grand Master, F. N. Wise, of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, who delivered a short address.

July 4, 1857, Brother Samuel Reed, our venerable and worthy brother of Covington, was a visitor. (Samuel Reed Lodge, of Ludlow, was named for him).

December 26, 1857, all elective and appointive officers were installed, with the exception of Brother Edward H. Ashley, who could not be installed at that time, account not having received the Past Master's degree.

April 23, 1858, the time of meeting was changed as follows: "Stated meetings shall be held on Saturday before the full moon in each month, except when the moon falls on Saturday at 6:00 o'clock P. M., and in that case the meeting will be holden on that night."

June 12, 1859, on 'motion, it was ordered that the bell-rope should not pass through the Lodge room window;' and Brother A. Stephens was appointed a committee of one to inform Mr. Lloyd, (the father of Prof. John Uri Lloyd, who was the school teacher) to that effect.

The activities of the Lodge were curtailed, somewhat, during the period preceding and during the Civil war, but the minutes show constant activity. Immediately following the war, the Lodge renewed its efforts, and many
new members were added.

February 4, 1860, Brother E. K. Fish, a member of Golden Rule Lodge, No 345, petitioned this Lodge for affiliation. He was duly elected to membership at the following meeting. 

May 25, 1861, Brother C. C. White was allowed $5.00 for tyling the Lodge, and $.45 for candles.

November 16, 1861, the Lodge sold its Masonic library to Brother Guinn, for $20.00, to be paid within six months. It was agreed that he was to give security, and pay interest from date of sale.

January 11, 1862, Brother W. P. Tucker was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.

May 10, 1862, thanks were tendered to Brother Munger for a facsimile of Brother George Washington's letter to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

May 11, 1863, Brother E. H. Ashley presented a bill for crepe and repairing the Lodge jewels, the amount of which was $.80 cents.

December 27, I863, Brother  W. R. Bradford was elected Master of this Lodge. (He was the grandfather of our own members, W. R. and Charles Bradford.)

May 11, 1864, Henry Bannister was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason by this Lodge, at the request of Boone-Union Lodge. On the same date the Lodge donated $20.00 to Mrs. "C."

September 30. 1865, Reuben L. Bristow, W. M. raised his own son James Jerome Bristow, to the sublime degree of Master Mason.

October 10, 1865, the representative to the Grand Lodge paid the Grand Lodge dues, which amounted to $35.25. 

July 28, 1866, Felix Moses petitioned this Lodge; was initiated August 26, 1866; passed September 23. 1866, and raised October 27, 1866; he died March 28, 1886.

July 28, 1866, on motion made at the previous meeting, the by-laws were changed to read as follows: "The Stewards and Tyler shall receive a fee of fifty cents for each meeting. In event that they are absent, the ones serving in their stead shall receive the same fee."

December 22, 1866, this Lodge appropriated $40.00 to the widows and orphans of our deceased Brothers in the Southern States.

September 1, 1867, the annual Grand Lodge dues were $1.00 per member.

December 27,1867, the members of this Lodge presented to Brother Reuben L. Bristow a large and handsome Bible. The presentation was made by Brother W. P. Tucker, "As a token of esteem to him as an old and tried friend. Brother, and a bright light and a plain landmark in Ancient York Free-Masonry. May the Great Architect of the Universe preserve him to a good old age, and happy, blissful days."

September 26, 1868, a motion was made and carried that the. petition of Brother Holland Goodrich and others, requesting this Lodge to recommend to the Grand Lodge that a dispensation be granted to them to open a new Lodge at Francisville, Boone County, Kentucky, be granted.

October 24, l868, a motion was made and carried that this Lodge meet every Tuesday night, for the purpose of instruction and improvement in Masonry.

January 23, l869, this Lodge was visited by Brother Henry Bostwick, of Golden Rule Lodge No. 345, of Covington, Ky., who gave instructions in Masonry. (Brother Bostwick was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky in 1874-75.)

January 3l , 1870, the Lodge was visited by E. S. Fitch, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, in interest of the Widows and Orphans Home and Infirmary, which was under construction in Louisville. Brother Fitch stated that a life membership would be given to this Lodge in event that it made a $l00.00 subscription. On motion, the life membership was taken out. The Lodge made a payment of $25.00, and several brethren present subscribed the $25.00 in cash.

(This was at the beginning of a new era in Masonic relief. Up to that time, each Lodge rendered such assistance as was necessary, for the relief of the needy in their own community. Today, we think largely in terms of our splendid institutions at St. Matthews and Shelbyville.)

December l8. l87l. minutes record the following as having been copied from the Bible of Brother Reuben L. Bristow, which was presented to him by this Lodge in l867. (Brother Bristow died October l7, l87l.)

"This Great Light was presented to me by my Brethren of Good Faith Lodge No. 95, Free and Accepted Masons; and I prize it more highly than any gift I have ever received from any source whatever, (I mean temporally). A short sketch of my Masonic life may not be uninteresting to my children.  I was installed into the mysteries of Masonry in DeWitt Clinton Lodge No. 86, in January, 1832, a few days after was twenty-one years old. In the fall of the same year I moved to Boone County, Kentucky, and. with the assistance of Brothers S. G. Menzies and Adam Finch, We called a sufficient number of Brothers to form a Lodge, which was, at my request, named 'Good Faith.' W. D. Scott was the first Master, S. G. Menzies Senior Warden, and Reuben L. Bristow, Junior Warden.
"At the first election (after the charter was granted) I was chosen Master. I remained a member for ten years. The Lodge flourished, and became the mother of Bradford Lodge (Independence), Walton Lodge, Boone-Union Lodge, and partially of several others. I became a member of the Baptist Church, and in consequence of the prejudices of some of the members, I demitted from the Lodge, and remained out for about ten years. I then became a member of Bradford Lodge No.123, and at the first election after that, I was chosen Master, in which capacity I served six years. When I became a member the Lodge was in a very bad condition, numbering about twenty- five members. One third of whom I had expelled as soon as possible. Soon there was a great change; and at the end of six years, when I demitted, the Lodge numbered 46 and ten or twelve had demitted in that time. By that time, old Good Faith had almost become extinct; and fearing that she would die, I became a member of her about seven years ago, and served her as Master for six years. At that time there were but three or four working members in the Lodge, the whole number of whom was ten or twelve, and now it numbers about thirty-five members; and there is not a Lodge in the State which is composed of better material; and I suppose my Brethren gave me credit for it, and have presented me this beautiful Bible as a memento of their love and esteem.                           R. L. BRISTOW."

December 23, 1871, the minutes on that date read: "The ballot (on the candidate) proved very dark."'

April 27, 1872, a copy of the "Uniform Masonic Burial Service" was ordered from Past Grand Master Egenton.

October 26, 1872. donated $15.00 to the new Lodge which was to be named North Bend Lodge (later No.540) of North Bend, Boone County, KY.

December 27, 1872, after the newly elected officers had been installed, "the Lodge closed in peace and harmony, and partook of some refreshment in the shape of oysters, turkey, etc."

September 27, 1873, paid Grand Lodge dues, amounting to $36.00. A motion was made and passed that all persons owing notes in favor of this Lodge be required to renew them with the Treasurer. (A good
many of the members had given their notes in payment of dues.) 

June 21, 1874, Brother Butler Carpenter was appointed a committee of one, to buy fans for the Lodge.

May 22, 1875, Samuel Coffman, W.M., stated that this Lodge was no debating society, and that he would not hear more than two speeches from any member of the Lodge.

July 24, 1875, "The Worshipful Master was supremely kind enough to allow the committee further time." .

December 25, 1875, the minutes record the fact that the receipts for the meeting were as follows:
1 Member Paid .................................................$0.13
1 Member Paid .................................................$0.50
1 Member Paid .................................................$1.13
1 Member Paid .............................................. . $1.50
1 Member Paid;................................................ $1.60
2 Members Paid ............................................ .. $1.88
1 Member Paid .............................................. .. $2.00
13 Members Paid ........ .. .............................. .. $2.38

January 22, 1876. the Secretary records the fact that: "The Lodge closed in brotherly love and kindness."

December 26, 1876, after the annual election of officers, the members of this Lodge repaired to the hall of the
I.O.O.F. Lodge No. 154. where they held a banquet. 

January 1, 1877, the dues were increased from $1.50 to $3.00 per year. 

January 26, 1878, the Finance Committee reported that their audit of the books revealed the following:
Receipts for the Year of 1877 ......................... ..$93.00
Expenditures for the Year of 1877 ................ ....$90.66 
Cash Balance ....................................................... $2.34
Amount Due, in Notes ................................. .. .$199.94
Amount Due from Members in good standing... $55.25
Amount Due from Treasurer .......................... .. $27.51 

April 27. 1878, Brother Adam Finch, a demitted Mason, signified a desire to become an honorary member of this Lodge. He was recommended by Brothers William Allen and Butler Carpenter. A committee consisting of Brothers Wagstaff, Sayre and Allen were appointed to investigate. On June 22, 1878, the committee reported favorably and he was elected to honorary membership. (He was a fifty-year Mason.)

June 24, 1878, this Lodge gave a picnic, and the receipts were $114.75
The expenses and donations were .......... ..$93.40
Net Profit .................................................. $25.35

October 26. 1878, nearby Lodges were invited to attend the Lodge of Instruction in Masonry, to be held every Tuesday evening at 7:00 P. M., by this Lodge.

November 23, 1878, this Lodge paid $58.00 Grand Lodge dues, (in October, but reported at this meeting.)

April 26, 1579, A communication was received from Thomas S. Pettit, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, in relation to the. hard times, requesting that this Lodge be as lenient as possible with its members in regard to the payment of dues. 

August 23, 1879, a bill was presented for: .
l Gallon of Coal Oil ..................................... .. $.25
3 Lamp Chimneys ........................................ .. $.25
Total .....  ..........................................................$.50
It was referred to the Finance Committee.

November 22, 1879, Brother Brown was allowed $40.00 for nursing Brother "S", during his sickness. He donated $10.00 of that sum to the Lodge; and Brother (Dr.) Sayre was credited with his dues ($3.00)
for professional services rendered.

January 31, 1880, the Secretary reported a balance of $77.36 on hand.

June 26, l88l, the Master of this Lodge ordered the Secretary to communicate with the Past Masters of Boone -Union Lodge No. 304, to get permission from them to have the Chapter degrees conferred on  Brother E. A. Tucker, in the City of Covington.

September 24, 1881, the death notice of Brother James Stephens was sent to the Boone County Recorder.

August 26, 1882, a communication was received from a Lodge in Toronto, Canada, requesting this Lodge to sell lottery tickets to assist that Lodge in paying for its temple. "Received and Filed."

September 23, l882, Grand Lodge and Orphan's Home dues for the year were $28.50.

October 28, 1882, received a request from Col. Clay Lodge No. 159, of Covington, that this Lodge consent for them to receive Brother E. A. Tucker into their Lodge as a member. The request was granted.

December 27, 1882, the Past Master's degree was conferred on Brother William Allen, Master-elect.

January 27, 1883, Brother Billiter applied for, and received, a loan of $50.00 from the Lodge, with good security, at the rate of 8%.

February 24, l883, a communication was received from G. D. Buckner, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, asking for aid for the Brother Masons in Louisville who were greatly damaged by the flood. This Lodge sent $5.00.

May 26, 1883, this Lodge donated $5.00 to Careyville Lodge.

October 27, 1883, a traveling card was issued to Brother George W. Brown, and mailed to Nashville, Tenn.

February 23, 1884, at the request of Howard R. French, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, this Lodge sent $l0.00 to the flood-sufferers in Louisville.

December 12, 1884, Adam Finch, one of the charter members of Good Faith Lodge No. 95, died. He was raised in Paris, Kentucky, Lodge No. 2, in 1825. He was the first fifty-year Mason to be made an honorary member of this Lodge. He was Master of this Lodge 15 times. (Several of these were six-month terms.) He was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on November 10, l798. 

October 24, 1885, this Lodge had its building insured for $300.00, and its furniture and regalia for $200.00.

April, 1886. "At an emergent communication of this Lodge, held on this day and date, the Lodge was opened on
the third degree. The Master stated that he had called the Lodge together on account of the death of Brother Felix Moses, whose body was found in the Ohio River at North Landing. Indiana, on the 28th day of March, 1886. He had sent two of the brothers,--Butler Carpenter and George Goodrich, after the body, and it had arrived in Florence that morning; and that the Lodge would follow the body to the grave, and deposit the remains with the usual formalities. (But after the services the body was, on motion, delivered to Mr. S. March, of Cincinnati, for burial in the Jewish cemetery, on Walnut, Hills, with the Jewish burial service. This was done after Mr. March had advised the Lodge that it was the desire of Felix Moses to be buried in a Jewish cemetery, with a Jewish service. )
The following committee was appointed to draft resolutions on the death of Brother Moses: A Sayre, William Allen and Butler Carpenter. These resolutions to be printed in the Boone County Recorder, and a copy to be sent to David Moses. Natchez, Miss. There being no further business, the Lodge closed in brotherly love and kindness."                                                Attest: Alex Murray, Secretary. M. S. Rouse, Master.

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